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Posted on: Wednesday, July 15, 2009
recently i am so caught up with a new show..
below is the song lyric.. its really nice, sad yet meaningful.. :(
some emo here and there..
its a show abt family, relationship... great show..
i can spent hours watching it..
hmmm... while watching this show i can "forget" many things...
i can use this show to keep me busy....
hmmmmmm..... but still i am happier day by day...
work is really busy for me now..
my new bestfriend, her name is work desk...
i meet her so many hours a day...
extra work hours for me this few week...
gonna be busy busy and still busy... :(

kk i wanna sleep liao... nights...

Posted on:
收藏在眼眸 常徘徊左右 愛猜到沒有
愉快玩笑後 能全然退後 你開心就夠

這種感覺太親厚 講一千句也不夠
假使講了你聽到後 或會走
這種戀愛太罕有 不須真正擁有
成全 衷心祝福然後 就放手

放手 放開所有 彼此更自由
放手 其實我絕非愛得不夠
放手 豁出所有 還有這個好友
已經 已經足夠

遙遠是宇宙 靜靜在背後 去看守就夠

這種感覺太親厚 講一千句也不夠
即使一剎有過衝動 挽你手
這種戀愛太罕有 不須真正擁有
成全 多捨不得仍然 是放手

放手 放開所有 彼此更自由
放手 其實我絕非愛得不夠
放手 豁出所有 還有這個好友
已經 已經足夠

放手 我的牽掛 找不到盡頭
放手 期望你幸福甚麼都有
也 愛很深厚 然而我早看得透
放手 至可擁有

Posted on: Saturday, June 20, 2009
moments when i know i still miss childcare after so long..
sigh.. why working makes me mad..
how i miss i still chasing the little ones and making their days a great and fun-learning day.
hmmm......................... start up a babysit session.
who wanna let me look after your little one??? haha.. i am mad..
thinking abt it.. will i ever get my own baby..
hmmm... nvm... i dun think so... nvm......

Posted on: Friday, May 22, 2009
i need a break.
i think i am worn out by work.
i am drain throughout..

i want to go have a short getaway..

help me!!!!

Posted on: Sunday, May 3, 2009
happpyyyyy happyyyy day...
even though i was sick the past few days..
wed i was at work, super busy but i was having fever n flu..
so whole day wasn't very gd for me..
den after work head home.. still having fever..
so i sleep thru all the way until midnight abt 12.30.
i still got fever, flu and gastric pain..
i was in pain... so pain until i sms dar..
he quickly call me up.. and fetch me to a 24 hour clinic..
reach clinic at abt 1+ am.. seen the doc and ate med..
while goin back to carpark, dar caught a rabbit..
its was a brown color rabbit, very cute.. so we decided
to bring it home.. dar named it barbie.. hahah..
wat a name.. after tt i went home and rest again..
next day still having fever.. hot yet cold...
all the way until sat den i felt better..
bought nice food for rabbit to munch... she is super happy..
dar decided to bring me to the flyer today, since i totally recover..
so we went for a walk there.. the place is nice.. had dinner as well..
den we head over to bugis.. he went to play game.
and i did my shopping.. and finally back home.. slack awhile den he went home..
super tired day, soon goin to sms him liao den sleep le..
tmr need to help him open his shop, :)
shall upload some pic..

Posted on: Saturday, April 18, 2009
boring boring boring!!!!
til i blog again.. haha..
haven been updating.
these few months been terrible.
bad bad month.
anyway i just got my job appraisal.
i am really happy.
at least i noe i manage abit ok at my job.
i am always afraid i make many mistakes..
hmmm.. i need to improve further.
i love this job scope. :)
even times when i am stress or sad.
i noe i will be okay very soon.. all i need
was to complain. of coz Lionel's ears will be hurtful.
coz i complain non stop. but what to do..
but at least i am really happy with my job now.
all i know now is i am very bored.
sigh... what can be done....
anyway i hoping to go holiday too..
bangkok. hope this dream come true too...

Posted on: Friday, March 20, 2009
For once, after half a year, i manage to slack abit from work..
sigh... must been really busy since first day i suppose.
anyway i am just back from my break.
went back to dad's hometown afew days back..
my family and my dar went back together..
sat my dad's car over... 4 hours journey..
dar n dad take turns to drive..
once we reach kl, we went shopping as usual..
walking around and fun..
had dinner with my uncle, aunties and cousin..
fun was sure around the corner..
3rd day my dad drop us at shopping too..
dar and i shop til drop... we spend abt afew hundred..
bought many many things... hee..
my little cousin keep clinging on to dar..
like father n son... haha.. little xuan is so cute..
we enjoyed this trip throughout... :))
lookin forward to another soooon... hahha..
:))) *grin*

Posted on: Sunday, March 8, 2009
i know i have been spending lots of money recently..
but............................. sigh nvm..
i shall forget abt that.. stop thinking and i will be fine..
first time thou... duno y.... just fell in love at tt very moment..
nvm..... i should be fine............................
bought my bike yesterday.. and it was deliver to my place today..
as today had house warming for my family side.. so after that
den went cycle with dar.. we cycle all the way around the pathway and
went sunset way too.. den cycle back my place.. hmmm..
okay nothing much to really update.. i think i rather blank my mind now..
coz i keep thinking n thinking.... what way can it be work out..
i must find reasons to stop thinking of that bag.. i shall.......... if only i knew..
and i wonder why i even shed tears after we left that shop.. sigh..........
i am over pamper to react the way i am.. i think i am damage thru-out.....
i shall save my own.. but til den it will be sold-out liao..
argh.. nvm forget it...
i think i will spend my money wisely in the end..
i should focus on my bike now..
i wan to go cycle with my dearie all the time...
and look forward to our trip back to malaysia this coming sat..
can't wait... :)

Posted on: Saturday, February 7, 2009

our moment spend on CNY

Posted on:
finally i am back alive!!!
updates of my life..
had high fever on sat over at dar's place..
and he showered me with care thru the night,
with medicine and cover blankie.. next morning i felt better..
but i went home to rest instead, rest til afternoon..
dar called me over for dinner..
he bought me to orchard..
i walk around like a zombie.. as i was hot still..
didnt noe what to eat.. den dar bought me to sakura..
yummmyy... sushi my fav.. as i felt that raw stuff was easy for me
to sallow at that moment.. haha.. after dinner we went walk walk..
oh ya... my hoot for the year.. as CNY is over..
this year all assets went to me.. tt means dar's ang bao collection
all he wants me to take over.. hahah..
sweet sweet sweet... so end up he said why not buy a bag..
so we went gucci and take a look... end up dar bought me a gucci bag
and a wallet... oh mine... big hoootttttt!!!..
happpyyyyy too, but this year we do spend too muchhh...
and this week dar bought me a phone again...
i am tooo pamper.. but for the phone i wanna return him money..
:)))) anyways back to our trip.. yep i did not update.
we went batam for the resort.. sigh i cannot go spa as my period was around..
damnnnn sianzzz.. so we went shoppin madness..
we bought many things as usual..
dar bought many clothes and jeans n pants..
i bought dresses and tee-shirts and bra...
the amount we spend was great.. its was really cheap..
and we were very happy..
and we had A&W thru out.. heeee.. our big crave..
that was the day time.. den at night we went back to our resort n rest..
very tired so we slept til 1+.. den woke up and enjoy beer n the sea..
we went to our balcony and chatted thru with beer..
the air was great.. we chatted alot.. and dar hug me from behind i felt xin fu.. :))
we did enjoyed our trip thru-out..
recently dearie n i learn things as well..
and i am glad we cherish each other once again..
now as and when dar is free he sure bring me out for walks..
we walk many many places..
thursday we walked from chinatown to clarke quay to tiong bahru..
went pass many nice places.. den dar send me home..
on our way i keep making him laugh..
den yesterday dar was busy the whole day as i was working too..
so didnt contact much.. den after work i went bugis to meet ling n ade..
had dinner.. and we went walking around.. den dar suddenly called..
and ask me where i am.. den i started to be cheeky and say dunwan let him noe..
den he panick.. keep asking.. den he said something like..
why whole day i never contact him.. make him panick.. hahahha..
den i keep laughing.. den he say he come over look for me and acc me home..
so as usual i let him play his game liao.. den we went home..
kinda still early.. so we went clementi mos burger had supper..
den went home le.. oh ya talking abt high fever... i had 2 days mc on wed n thursday..
i really slept thru out.. drowsy thru-out.. den dar keep calling to check on me..
coz he knows i will vomit too.. coughing out my lungs..
today is sat.. i spend my day at home resting too.. cannot wait for tmr to see my dar again..
although we meet almost every single day, but i will always look forward next..
my fairy-tales continues with only him in it.. :))))
gd nite!!! lurves...

Posted on: Saturday, January 24, 2009
hmm... haven been updating..
had the rough days the past few or rather weeks.
finally it should be OVER now..
i hope. wonder or ponder.
i duno.. n i will never noe..
hmm.. work is piling as usual.. events after another..
project after another too..
soon CNY is here again..
our 3rd time celebrating with each other's family.
this year abit diff.. as we will be goin for our short trip..
haven pack my bag oso.. haha.. very last min tmr den pack ba.. heee...
just came back fr bank. help him to change new notes..
queue for long time for sure.. but okay la.. i am still awake..
ha.. hmmm... tonight will have reunion dinner with my family.
dar will come over too.. den tmr sunday den i will join his family for dinner too..
big family of his.. dinner with his grandparents, uncles, auntie n cousins..
scary.. tension.. i duno.. hmmm.. dar say just relax..
sigh.. den next day chu yi, have to go his mum place
and grandma place n another grandma place.
den my side oso.. goin to cousin place at yishun.. busy day for sure..
hmmmm... okay enough talking abt CNY..
still many things in my mind quite not settle..
and its always ruffle n muffle thru my mind..
cannot seems to really understand...
i m tired..
very much affected.

Posted on: Saturday, January 10, 2009
tiff is looking forwardddd so forward to our getaway..
count down to 2 weeks..
and off we go to a resort at batam.
great time to be away fr town.
just the beach sun n us..
can't wait!!!!!!...
hmm before that it's gonna still be busy for me..
next week my event is up..
week after another big "thing"
den finally chinese new year.
gonna had reunion dinner with family on a sat.
den sun itself with dar's family.
den chu yi gonna go his grandma place n my place i suppose.
den chu er off we go for our trip.. heee.... nicely plan this time..
counting down to it... promised every year at least one trip ahead..
no need to go very very far. just being a relax event will be just nice for the both of us..
gonna save up once again... hee...

Posted on: Friday, January 9, 2009
below i blog our song.
we were driving our way one night.
and class 95fm played this song.
we both find it nice yet familiar somehow or rather.
end up dearie went to look for this song.
and i went to search for the lyrics..
yep done, its great.
the tune is perfect!!.
wedding song he said.. hmmm...
anyway glad it's found.. :)

Posted on:
I was a fool to ever leave your side
Me minus you is such a lonely ride
The breakup we had has made me lonesome and sad
I realize I love you 'cause I want you bad, hey, hey

I spent the evening with the radio
Regret the moment that I let you go
Our quarrel was such a way of learnin' so much
I know now that I love you 'cause I need your touch, hey, hey

Reunited and it feels so good
Reunited 'cause we understood
There's one perfect fit
And, sugar, this one is it
We both are so excited 'cause we're reunited, hey, hey

I sat here starin' at the same old wall
Came back to life just when I got your call
I wished I could climb right through the telephone line
And give you what you want so you will still be mine, hey, hey

I can't go cheatin', honey, I can't play
I found it very hard to stay away
As we reminisce on precious moments like this
I'm glad we're back together 'cause I missed your kiss, hey, hey

Lover, lover, this is solid love
And you're exactly what I'm dreamin' of
All through the day
And all through the night
I'll give you all the love I have with all my might, hey, hey

Posted on: Saturday, January 3, 2009

my dream came true
cause of you

Posted on: Thursday, January 1, 2009
a brand new start for this year, so a new blog was create too..
hmmm.. been thru a rough year too.. hee..
but now things are great in return..
lets see what should i say..
first start off with work.
i am now happily working.
love my new job as well..
very stress at times of coz but still can take it.. haha..
and it's at tiong bahru very near dearie work place too.
that's y he often meet me for lunch. heee.. :)
times really files, and this month will be our 2nd year together.
sometimes it do seems like forever thou..
up and downs left and right.. hmmm...
but still love..
yepp.. today we meet up for shopping together..
went over bugis walk walk n orchard too..
i bought a dress, and dar bought a gucci wallet..
he bought me a coach tote bag for christmas present.
hee... thank him for sure!!!..
hope this year will be a great year ahead.
next up is chinese new year, gonna have reunion dinner with his big family.
and we may plan to have a short getaway again. we shall plan.. haha..
okay i shall go catch my beauty sleep, tmr gonna work!!.. hee.. many loves, gd night!!
last wishing a happy new 2009!!! blessed year ahead with many loves!!